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August 2, 2004


Well, it's what I get for not doing any blog-reading for the past month I suppose.

I was just over at Laura's blog and noticed her post about a new 26 Things game that just finished. That's the second one in a row that I've missed! I loved the first one and I've managed to be in blog-funks for the next two. Piffle Fribbits!

August 3, 2004


It's looking like I just might get the days off around Gnomedex so I can go. Yay! So now I'm looking at flights/hotels and money and all that stuff and trying to figure out if I can afford it assuming I do get the days off!

And the parental units are coming to visit the middle of September. Can't wait to see them! I miss everybody so much. This whole being all alone thing is bothering me more than I thought it would. (Syn, I still think you should stow away in their suitcase)

August 4, 2004

Bunny On My Shoulder

There's something wonderful about snuggling with a little fur-baby. And getting kisses too. Even if a certain fur-baby has a tendancy to chew holes in whatever shirt I'm wearing at the time! Which is why there is now a designated "Benjamin holding shirt"

August 5, 2004

The Same

I'm watching a really interesting show on Discovery Health about twins. They've got four sets of twins and they're doing little personality test type things to see which pair is the "most" identical. So far each person has had to pick out an outfit at the same store and then see if they picked the same/similar outfits, then they went to the same restaurant (two different locations tho' so they didn't know what each other was getting) and did they order the same meals.

Twins fascinate me, I'm not sure if it's because my mom is one or if there's some other reason.

Ooo, now they're at an amusement park and they're seeing which rides they pick.

August 6, 2004

Just a txt for me

my txt file

Nothing special just some flight/bus/commuter rail stuff for me for getting to Gnomedex

August 7, 2004


But not in a yawning "I need to go to bed" kind of way. In a worn out, sick of fighting way. I haven't even been feeling that bad lately. Not that I've been feeling terrific either, but I haven't been a complete mess. I'm just so worn out, and I hate feeling that way.

I haven't really been blog-reading for the past month or so either. I've barely been keeping my own blog up to date! And that's something I really enjoy doing. So what's my deal?

Argh! Life is so frustrating sometimes!

August 8, 2004

What the Heck?

I was just messing with stuff in my index template and when I was checking the results I noticed that the counter must have reset itself a while back. Couple weeks ago, maybe a month. That's really weird! I wonder why it did that? I so rarely look at the front page of my own blog. I use my portal mostly for my links and the only time I check the main page is if I've been messing with a template. Strange.

The Edge

Most of us will never know
How dark this world can seem
When life becomes more nightmare than a dream
So to all of you who have survived
A visit to the edge
I trust that you will understand this pledge

I promise I will always leave
The darkness for the light
I swear by all that's holy
I will not give up the fight
I'll drink down death like water
Before I ever come again
To that dark place
Where I might make
The choice for life to end

I've found that as I've traveled
Through the inscape of my life
That mountain tops make valleys in between
And when that nameless sadness
Like a cloud comes over me
I look back on all the brightness I have seen

I promise I will always leave
The darkness for the light
I swear by all that's holy
I will not give up the fight
I'll drink down death like water
Before I ever come again
To that dark place
Where I might make
The choice for life to end

And realize that though my world
Might seem so torn apart
Most often it is joy that breaks the heart
And that I am the richest man
Though I must beg for bread
For the very One who might condemn
Has called me friend instead

I promise I will always leave
The darkness for the light
I swear by all that's holy
I will not give up the fight
I'll drink down death like water
Before I ever come again
To that dark place
Where I might make
The choice for life to end

I will always leave the darkness for the light
I will not give up the fight

by, Michael Card

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August 9, 2004

VJ Day

I learned something today.

Rhode Island is the last state that still celebrates VJ Day. Very interesting. I had no idea that any state still celebrated it. I read the script for the PKG that'll be airing at 6 and what the vets say makes a lot of sense.

There's a guy that works here that just got out of the Navy this past winter and he was talking about it too. He compared it to the 4th of July. He said "Should we stop celebrating that so we don't offend the British?" It sounds really funny, but it's the exact same situation.

It definately falls under the "strange things you might see in Rhode Island" category! But I think that maybe it should be seen in more states instead of just here.

August 11, 2004

A Message to RI and Mass Drivers

Please take out the little books you received when in driver's ed. Turn to the section on "right of way". READ IT! Now the next time you approach an intersection please follow the stinking rules!

I am sick to death of getting to an intersection and stopping to wait my turn only to have another driver glare at me and wave me through in front of them. Like it's somehow my fault that they're giving up their turn. What the heck is up with that?!? If you want to let me go first, that's fine, but don't act all offended about it!

An MT Question

I've got a question for all you MT using folks out there.

I feel like I remember reading at some point that the new version will be including a "publish from e-mail" kind of ability. Am I imagining that? Or does someone yes or no for sure? It just occured to me that there's no point in messing around with plug-ins that I don't really understand if what I want will be available in the next version!

On the same subject... does anyone understand how cron jobs work? I keep getting a "command doesn't exist" error even tho' I'm putting the .pl file where it told me to. Any ideas?

Thanks all!

August 12, 2004

Fun With CSS

I went and borrowed (ok, stole) a wonderful idea from jr for my photoblog. I modified what he did just a tad to make it look the way I wanted and Voila! Pretty borders in the photoblog.

August 13, 2004

So Apparently There's This Hurricaine...

From what I gather the remnants of Bonnie and then whatever of Charlie that makes it this far north are going to mean lots of rain 'round these parts. But that seems to be about it. Nonetheless people are in full "chicken with head cut off, must run around" mode at work. People here are so excitable!

Now watch, since I said that something horrid will happen.
*knocks on every wooden surface in sight*

August 14, 2004

Oh My.......

I decided to go to a movie after work tonight. It was a choice between Collateral and The Village.

I decided to go with The Village. It looked scarier than previous M. Night movies, but I've really enjoyed his others so I decided to put up with the scary. It was incredible. Even going into the movie expecting something strange or a twist or something, I still didn't see it coming.

I just about jumped out my skin a number of times, and I know I screamed or yelled or something at least twice. You see the camera panning and you know it's gonna be there so you tell yourself not to freak out, but you still do! Very freaky.

I'm not gonna say anything else 'cuz I don't want to ruin it for you folks. But what I will say is... Go see it! It's amazing!

August 17, 2004

This is Getting Old

I'm all tired again. This is becoming really frustrating. I'm only getting one or two good days and then a week of yick. Argh!!! Why do I have so many issues!?!?!??

August 20, 2004


Remember that whole sciatica thing I had about a year ago? Yeah, it's back. It made working today absolutely miserable. If it hasn't gotten better by the time I wake up I'm pretty sure I'm gonna call in sick.

And I'm going through camera withdrawl. I had to take my wonderful camera in to be fixed (it refuses to turn on) so that's annoying me too.

But at the moment I'm mostly tired so I'm going to go to bed earlier than normal tonight!

--- g'night!

August 21, 2004


I was just talking with my bro on icq and he wanted to give me his Yahoo IM SN too, and we discovered that for some reason my YIM isn't working. Very strange. I'm going to have to mess around with it more and figure out what the heck is wrong with it.

Oh and in case you're paying attention... yes I called in sick yesterday. Yes I'm still in pain. Yes it sucks!

All Better

I downloaded a patch and now Trillian is behaving.

'Cuz I Can

You can blame Busy Mom for this one.

August 22, 2004

I Wonder...

Is sciatica ever stress related? It just occured to me that it happened the very first time after a month or so of extremely stressfull stuff happening and right before my interview out here in RI. And now this is the first time it's been back since then and I'm kinda stressed out again. Not as much specific stressors like last time, just general stressed-out-ed-ness (shut up, I can make up words if I want)

Could that be what's making this happen?

And in completely unrelated news... I just bought plane tickets for Gnomedex. For some reason I'm not as excited to go as I was last year. I'm very much looking forward to seeing everybody again, but for some reason I'm just not as gung-ho as I was. Weirdness! Oh and have I mentioned... I have issues!

August 23, 2004

36 Hours

I just have to make it through today and tomorrow and then I'm off for two days. I'm a notch above survival mode, but it's not a very big notch! I think I'd call it "existing mode" As in "I'm here, but that's about it."

Oh the plus side, the pain is continuing to go down. Still there, but much better than it was a couple days ago.

August 26, 2004

Blessed Days Off

I've got today and tomorrow off from work. Horrah! I really needed a couple in a row, I was getting quite out of sorts!

Spent three wonderful hours 'caching, two finds, one DNF. Stunning sunset, beautiful areas, incredibly creative hiding spot, a little wading... exactly what I needed.

And now I think I'll finish off my day with a big bowl of popcorn and a movie!

August 27, 2004

A Little Meme-Play

Swiped from Laura

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Happy Dance!

Which has been mutted since I've arrived at work, but it's still there in the background.

I just got a call from the people that have my camera and it's all better and I can pick it up tomorrow. WOOT!!!! I've been in major camera withdrawl.

And I had two kick butt days off. Found five caches and found spots where I'm going to hide my four end caches from the massive multi I'm working on. I needed to find hiding spots before I could write all the codes into the micros. Now that I have hiding spots I can do that and then hide the micros and away we go!

Another happy thing... I finally filled out the forms and got myself set up to start taking dance classes again. They start Sept. 8 and it's a two hour long class! At the moment I have that day off, but I'm actually hoping to switch it with someone else so I can have two days off while my parents are here.

That was the thing that somewhat mutted my happy dance. They're going to be here from Wed. afternoon through very early Sunday morning. Right now I only have Wednesday and Thursday off. So I'm really hoping someone will swap Wednesday with me for Saturday so I can at least have two days off while they're here. I don't want to have to work the whole time they're visiting! That'd suck. So everybody cross your fingers for me 'k?

But avoiding that whole scheduling, work, days off, stuff. I'll for sure be starting dance again the second week of September. Horrah! I'm actually really excited about that. A little nervous too, but mostly excited. I'm going to have to get out my ghillies and start practicing again.

You Have Got to be Kidding Me

Paul Hamm asked to give away his gold

I feel so sorry for Paul. He did something that seemed impossible. His two routines after the fall on the vault were breathtaking. He earned that medal.

And fine, so the starting value for the Korean gymnasts routine was lower than it should have been. But you know what? There was a mandatory deduction for his number of "holds" that wasn't taken. The two errors effectively cancel each other out. Yeah, he should have started higher. But he should have had more deducted too!

Paul Hamm hasn't done anything wrong! He shouldn't be penalized and treated like he's the one that messed up! He did something amazing, and he's acted respectfully and graciously through the whole thing. The FIG is completely out of place to ask this of him.

August 30, 2004

I Don't Know Why I Bother

I let myself get my hopes up that something will work out, and then smack! Nope, not for you. That's for someone else.

I am sick to death of this roller coaster I'm on and I want off!

Mmmmm..... Chocolate.....

Dark Chocolate Smooths Blood Flow

See! There's a reason the dark stuff tastes better! Now excuse me while I go over to my desk and find some to gobble up!

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