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Happy Dance!

Which has been mutted since I've arrived at work, but it's still there in the background.

I just got a call from the people that have my camera and it's all better and I can pick it up tomorrow. WOOT!!!! I've been in major camera withdrawl.

And I had two kick butt days off. Found five caches and found spots where I'm going to hide my four end caches from the massive multi I'm working on. I needed to find hiding spots before I could write all the codes into the micros. Now that I have hiding spots I can do that and then hide the micros and away we go!

Another happy thing... I finally filled out the forms and got myself set up to start taking dance classes again. They start Sept. 8 and it's a two hour long class! At the moment I have that day off, but I'm actually hoping to switch it with someone else so I can have two days off while my parents are here.

That was the thing that somewhat mutted my happy dance. They're going to be here from Wed. afternoon through very early Sunday morning. Right now I only have Wednesday and Thursday off. So I'm really hoping someone will swap Wednesday with me for Saturday so I can at least have two days off while they're here. I don't want to have to work the whole time they're visiting! That'd suck. So everybody cross your fingers for me 'k?

But avoiding that whole scheduling, work, days off, stuff. I'll for sure be starting dance again the second week of September. Horrah! I'm actually really excited about that. A little nervous too, but mostly excited. I'm going to have to get out my ghillies and start practicing again.


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