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Oh My.......

I decided to go to a movie after work tonight. It was a choice between Collateral and The Village.

I decided to go with The Village. It looked scarier than previous M. Night movies, but I've really enjoyed his others so I decided to put up with the scary. It was incredible. Even going into the movie expecting something strange or a twist or something, I still didn't see it coming.

I just about jumped out my skin a number of times, and I know I screamed or yelled or something at least twice. You see the camera panning and you know it's gonna be there so you tell yourself not to freak out, but you still do! Very freaky.

I'm not gonna say anything else 'cuz I don't want to ruin it for you folks. But what I will say is... Go see it! It's amazing!


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Suni, I saw The Village. I thought it was OK. I was somewhat disspointed in it though. It had a great idea to it and all, but something just didn't click with me so I didn't like it. Im glad you liked it though

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