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Well, That Answers That

Last night during the open for the 10pm show I had my first experience with why a certain piece of broadcast equipment is nicknamed the "Collapso".

During the open for the 10, which is an hour long, the thing decided to quit working properly. Downstream, analog stuff worked fine, but the buttons were lagging behind my punches. So I just kinda had to hit buttons and know that I hit the right ones. It was an interesting hour to say the least!


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wow, that didn't take long! You guys have had that thing since May-ish??!! Let's here it for Ross! :D


When it's working it's a lot of fun and quite easy to use once you get used to it. But... it quits working without any notice! And we've only really been using it full-time since July something. Gimmee a Ross please!

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