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October 1, 2004


I have been incredibly dizzy all day today. Or as they would say around here... I've been wicked dizzy. I was stumbling around my bedroom when I first got up like I was some sloppy drunk. Soooo irritating! I'm really hoping it's gone when I wake up tomorrow.

I had a middle ear infection a couple year ago that felt sorta like this, but this honestly feels more dizzy than that did. And of course the internet is great for freaking oneself out when you google a health thing.


If a person breaks a lightbulb so as to take a picture of the filament all lit up... the lightbulb will burn out almost immediately upon turning it back on, and remove the whole reason for breaking the lightbulb in the first place.

Just in case you were wondering.

New Household Member

Not for me, but for Syn! They found a little bitty kitty behind the station the other day and she brought him home today. He's adorable! And soooo tiny!

And horrah for Kieran having a friend to play with now. He's the two year old member of the household and he gets bored and then he gets naughty. Maybe now he won't attack quite so many feet! (and hands, and heads, and whatever else he feels like attacking)

October 2, 2004

Concert Time!

I'm off! Headed to a Michael Card concert. I've never seen him live before so I've been looking forward to it a LOT!

See ya!

October 3, 2004


Just got back from the concert. I missed the first 10 minutes or so since I got lost. Of course. I never used to get lost this much! Really I didn't.

At any rate... he's really good in person. It was just him on the stage with his various guitars for the first half, and then at the piano for the second half. And it wasn't just music either. He did a lot of teaching and explaining; it was more like a really good church service with music. There were a number of songs that we all got to sing along with too.

I hung out afterwards in the lobby area. Sometimes there'll be table set up for autographs and stuff. That didn't turn out to be the case and I was just about to give up. Glancing back into the auditorium there was a little group of people up near the stage... maybe... Yep! He was standing up there talking to a couple people.

So I went up there too and waited my turn, and I was able to thank him for his amazing music and everything it's done for me. I ended up crying, and he gave me a hug! Two actually! He is such an incredibly sweet, wonderful man.

I am so amazingly thankful I was able to go.

October 4, 2004

They Did It!

I find it so incredibly cool that SpaceshipOne succeeded. (beware, their site is loading incredibly slowly for obvious reasons)

One step closer to normal people being able to go "up there". And go check out google sometime today. They changed their graphic in honor of today's events. Very cool.

October 6, 2004

Just Sayin'

There's a little fuzzy bunny asleep on my chest right now.

October 7, 2004

Give Till it Hurts


Have you donated? Well why not! Get your boobies over there!

October 8, 2004

Excuse me?!?

[Decided this probably shouldn't be here. So I moved it.]

October 9, 2004


The mailman just came to drop off a package for me. Now I didn't remembe3r ordering anything so I was a tad confused as to what it could be. Especially since it required my signature which usually means whatever it is is expensive.

I was looking at the packaging and noticed some asian writing on it. Could it be?

Opened the bag... cut the tape off the box... dug through the peanuts and foam... and there it was! My 2.2 GB CFII Microdrive that I've been without for more than a month.

It had quit working so I sent it back to be fixed/replaced and it finally returned to me! Woot! Yay! Yippee! My massive memory card has returned! Can you tell I'm excited?


The bunnies are playing "tag" around the living room at the moment. This is the first time they've really played since Tali came home so we're making bunny friend progress! Although Tali seems to be "it" more often than Benjamin. But I wonder if that might change after his appointment on the 28th? I'm thinking that's the main reason he's chasing her.

I also caught him going in his litter box instead of next to it. So I'm hoping he finally got his prepositions figured out in relation to the box!

And One More Thing

There's only a little more than a day left of the Boobie-Thon! Last year's total has already been passed, and last time I checked it was closing in on a full grand more than last year. Awesome!

So get over there and donate if you haven't already!

Camera Links

Site with lenses for my camera here. But they don't show prices or how to buy from them so I'm going to have to investigate further. They've got some AMAZING macro and telephoto lenses that look incredibly sweet.

And another stock website. Looks like it just got started recently.

October 11, 2004

From the TMI Files

I came home tonight to a wonderful surprise.

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October 15, 2004

So I'm Boring Lately

Yeah, I know. Haven't been posting for the past few days. No reason. Just me being my weird self.

Just needed to post a link to a camera site. I'm going to have to make myself a wish list there because they've got and awesome selection of lenses/filters/rings/other goodies.


I was just going through the rundown for the 10pm show tonight and one of the stories had the slug of "Bunny Hoarder". So I had to go read the script of course. Not much in the script. So I went into the assignments area of the program and apparently the Rhode Island SPCA has been at a house in the area and has taken at least 70 angora rabbits from an illegal breeder. It also says that it was filthy, as you can imagine! That's a lot of bunnies for one house!

It's so incredibly sad what some people will do to animals. Makes me mad.

I'm thinking about calling them tomorrow and seeing if there's anything I can do to help.

And once there's something posted on a news site somewhere I'll link it, there's just not anything up yet!

October 16, 2004

Bunny Link

Finally found a link to a news source for the bunny story in the Pawtucket Times

And it Starts

After 30 seconds I can already tell that D2 is going to be pissing me off today. Just saying.

October 17, 2004

Farscape! Farscape! Farscape!

It's tonight! It's here! The Farscape mini-series starts tonight!

Watch it! Get your friends and family to watch it! Then email/call/write SciFi and tell them you can't wait for part 2!

Interesting Idea

Just stumbled across a meme-site that's been going for a tad over a year now. It's a cross-stitch meme! Every two weeks a new theme is posted and the idea is to stitch something little (so as not to take up the entire two weeks with one meme!) and then post a picture of the end result. Really cool idea. I just might have to participate in that one now and then.

October 20, 2004


I actually made it to and from dance tonight on time, and without getting lost! That's the first time that's happened. Until tonight I've either gotten horribly lost (and then been late) or else something has happened to make me late. But today I made it without any problems. Didn't even have to look at my map. Yay!

Last week I was about an hour late. Why? Because there was a semi accident on the interstate a mile before my exit. The last 5/6 miles before my exit took an hour because the accident reduced the three lanes down to one and there were way too many cars for that! So I was an hour late. This week, no accidents!

I have to work next week though. I don't like missing dance class!

And something to file under the "what is happening to me" heading... last night and tonight I have actually watched baseball.


Not entire games of course. I don't think I could sit through an entire baseball game. But I watched the last two innings last night. In time to see all the cops in riot gear on the field! That was interesting. And I think I'll watch the last couple innings tonight too, just to see what happens.

October 22, 2004


I just want to go back home and go to bed. I had the worst time getting myself to wake up today. Then when I was finally up I did absolutely nothing. Played freecell for a little bit, but that was it. Oh, and I played with the bunnies for a little while.

It's still almost 2 months away, but I'm ready for my vacation!

I feel like I just can't catch up lately.

October 25, 2004


I just got an e-mail from one of my aunts back home.

My grandfather (my mom's dad) is in the hospital. Apparently he had a mild heart attack. She said they're doing angioplasty tomorrow since they think the problem is a clogged artery.

I guess he's doing ok, but if everyone could please keep him in your prayers I'd appreciate it!

October 27, 2004

Grandpa Update

I have more information!

He had a heart test yesterday morning and the doctor said that everything checked out ok and it was a minor heart attack with minimal damage. He has one very little artery that's blocked, but it's too small to do anything to fix it so they'll be treating him medically. He's out of the critical care area (floor/unit?) and in the regular heart area, so that's good!

If everything continues to go ok he'll be coming home today. And of course he plans to go back to work on Monday. My aunt said that he started being in pain Thursday morning. But he worked Thursday, Friday, and Saturday all the while in pain! Not sure what finally convinced him to go to the doctor.

But it sounds like he's doing ok and will be back to normal pretty soon.

Thanks to everybody for your prayers and thoughts, it's very much appreciated!

So There's This Baseball Game...

I've never really been a baseball fan. I really don't understand it or have a team I like or anything like that.


I'm glad I've been out here for this whole Red Sox thing. It's fun to experience all these crazy fans and kinda understand how important this is to them. (and I thought Packers fans were insane!)

That's all. I just thought I'd share. I'm actually interested in the outcome of a baseball game. Who'd a thunk that'd ever happen?!?

October 28, 2004

A Delicate Subject

Benjamin is at the vet right now. I'll be leaving to pick him up in another half an hour or so. He's having that certain surgery that boy critters have to have at some point.

In theory Tali is still too young to have gotten preggers, so everything should be good here on the home front. But of course critters have been known to surprise people in the past about that sort of thing. I'll know for sure in another 20 days or so.

We've been working on "come" today. They've both been getting the hang of "houses!" (go back in their cages) And since Tali has a couple foods that she goes nuts for I decided to try another command with her. She kinda seemed to get it once or twice, so we'll keep working on it.

Whenever I fill up their treat bins with lettuce & carrot strips she is sitting there waiting for me to hang hers up in her cage. Up on her back legs and everything. So I have a feeling training is going to be easier with her because I've got a good bribe!

I was in the kitchen getting myself some food earlier and felt a little fuzz on my leg and looked down and she was up on her back legs with her front paws up on my leg. Absolutely adorable!

I'm gonna have to give Mr. Benjamin some special attention when he gets home thought. I have a feeling he's not going to be a very happy bunny!

October 30, 2004

3 Whole Weeks!

The schedules for the next couple weeks were waiting for me in my mailbox when I got to work today. For the next three weeks I have my normal days off, which means that I can go to dance for three weeks in a row! Woot! The most I've managed so far has been two in a row. Work has just been a little nuts lately with people being on vacation and baseball games and all manner of insanity.

That put a smile on my face instantly when I walked in the door.

Unfortunately D2 issues have returned with a vengence. But I'm trying really hard to deal.

Also haven't stepped on my scale for at least 3 weeks. I've been very naughty and I'm afraid to see how much of my 30 pounds I've gained back. I'm honestly kinda disappointed in myself. I was doing so well, and then I went and screwed it all up. Argh!

I should stop whinning, it doesn't do me any good. So, something happy/good...

Benjamin & Tali are getting along beautifully. They were all cuddled up dozing in the living room last night. Absolutely adorable. Mione is still getting better at the flying thing which makes me quite happy and proud of her! She still has days when she doesn't want to have anything to do with me, but those are becoming fewer in number.

I dropped an application in the mail today for adopting a bird from a rescue in Massachusettes. We'll see what happens with that! I've got my fingers crossed. I've been thinking I'm ready for another bird for a while now, but I want to adopt one; I don't want to buy another one. So I've been searching for parrot rescues for the past couple months and this one sounds promising. Found them through petfinder of course.

So that's some not so whiney stuff right? Just keep remembering that I have vacation in another month and a half. I'm getting close to needing to put the counter back on the old blog like I have before when I've started to get antsy.

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