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A Delicate Subject

Benjamin is at the vet right now. I'll be leaving to pick him up in another half an hour or so. He's having that certain surgery that boy critters have to have at some point.

In theory Tali is still too young to have gotten preggers, so everything should be good here on the home front. But of course critters have been known to surprise people in the past about that sort of thing. I'll know for sure in another 20 days or so.

We've been working on "come" today. They've both been getting the hang of "houses!" (go back in their cages) And since Tali has a couple foods that she goes nuts for I decided to try another command with her. She kinda seemed to get it once or twice, so we'll keep working on it.

Whenever I fill up their treat bins with lettuce & carrot strips she is sitting there waiting for me to hang hers up in her cage. Up on her back legs and everything. So I have a feeling training is going to be easier with her because I've got a good bribe!

I was in the kitchen getting myself some food earlier and felt a little fuzz on my leg and looked down and she was up on her back legs with her front paws up on my leg. Absolutely adorable!

I'm gonna have to give Mr. Benjamin some special attention when he gets home thought. I have a feeling he's not going to be a very happy bunny!


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