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I have been incredibly dizzy all day today. Or as they would say around here... I've been wicked dizzy. I was stumbling around my bedroom when I first got up like I was some sloppy drunk. Soooo irritating! I'm really hoping it's gone when I wake up tomorrow.

I had a middle ear infection a couple year ago that felt sorta like this, but this honestly feels more dizzy than that did. And of course the internet is great for freaking oneself out when you google a health thing.


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Keep off the drugs toots.

Aunt L.:

Hey Laura,

You're just a bit dizzy because you've been
celebrating your mom's b.day....right?
Just kidding, of course.

Hope you are doing better today.
It's no fun being dizzy.

Oh, heard the heartbeat of the baby this week.

Take care.
I love you.

If this is spinning you're dizzzy!

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