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I actually made it to and from dance tonight on time, and without getting lost! That's the first time that's happened. Until tonight I've either gotten horribly lost (and then been late) or else something has happened to make me late. But today I made it without any problems. Didn't even have to look at my map. Yay!

Last week I was about an hour late. Why? Because there was a semi accident on the interstate a mile before my exit. The last 5/6 miles before my exit took an hour because the accident reduced the three lanes down to one and there were way too many cars for that! So I was an hour late. This week, no accidents!

I have to work next week though. I don't like missing dance class!

And something to file under the "what is happening to me" heading... last night and tonight I have actually watched baseball.


Not entire games of course. I don't think I could sit through an entire baseball game. But I watched the last two innings last night. In time to see all the cops in riot gear on the field! That was interesting. And I think I'll watch the last couple innings tonight too, just to see what happens.


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