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Just got back from the concert. I missed the first 10 minutes or so since I got lost. Of course. I never used to get lost this much! Really I didn't.

At any rate... he's really good in person. It was just him on the stage with his various guitars for the first half, and then at the piano for the second half. And it wasn't just music either. He did a lot of teaching and explaining; it was more like a really good church service with music. There were a number of songs that we all got to sing along with too.

I hung out afterwards in the lobby area. Sometimes there'll be table set up for autographs and stuff. That didn't turn out to be the case and I was just about to give up. Glancing back into the auditorium there was a little group of people up near the stage... maybe... Yep! He was standing up there talking to a couple people.

So I went up there too and waited my turn, and I was able to thank him for his amazing music and everything it's done for me. I ended up crying, and he gave me a hug! Two actually! He is such an incredibly sweet, wonderful man.

I am so amazingly thankful I was able to go.


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