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A Geek Question

Hey there, all you folks that have webcams on your blogs. What software are you using? And how hard is it to use? Any suggestions?

I own a webcam, and I'd like to get it up and running so that it's a little popup window to a once a minute (or every 30 seconds or something) refreshing webcam picture. I have absolutely no idea where to start. I've only used the thing for video during a chat session with my parents & brother and when we did that Yahoo or MSN or whatever we were using just kinda grabbed the output of the camera and away we went.

Any ideas? Anyone? Bueller?


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Do I really have to be the first to answer a Geek Question?

I use WebcamXP on my page. It's pretty sweet. The picture is really just a flash movie that is only actively pulling images when someone's on my webpage. The only thing is that I have to change the HTML on my site whenever my IP changes. Another plus is I can have up to four streams...and (ahem) you can use it for quite some time without paying for it. The other cool thing is you can set it up to make a sound when someone starts viewing your camera. This way I know when I'm being stalked. :)


I used conquercam - works really well, sits in your system tray, and is only $10. It even lets you try it as long as you like. The worst it does? Puts a little 'evaluation version' grapic in the top corner of your capture.


ok, two good suggestions. I'll have to try them out next time I have time to mess around w/the 'puter!

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