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I'm at the car dealership place right now... turns out it needs new spark plugs, a bunch of new wires, and another oil change. I just had my oil changed a month-ish ago and apparently the dude didn't tighten some plug or drain or something and almost all of my oil has drained out! The spark plugs had some sort of build up on them making a bunch of wires burn out. My question is... why didn't they notice this when I had my oil changed?!? They looked under the hood and everything. Shouldn't they have noticed something? Plus they screwed up my oil change! Isn't that something pretty basic?

And this whole thing is going to be upwards of 300 bucks! Which needless to say, I don't exactly have. Especially with vacation coming up and plane tickets still not purchased!

Ack! Argh! Drat! Grrrrrrr!


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That really sucks that they botched your oil change. As far as the spark plugs go though, I don't think that's something they would have found on a routine oil change. If I remember right, those are under the distributor cap and that's not something they would monkey with unless you think there's a problem. On oil changes they inspect fluid levels and junk like that, but you don't see spark plugs just by looking under the hood. So there's your car lesson for today. ;)

As far as the oil change...what a dumbass! Even I know how to change oil better than that, lol! (Grandpa taught me how, lol!)

As a veteran of waaaaay too much car trouble...best to get the stupid thing looked at as soon as it hiccups....the earlier you catch it the better!

Just be glad it's not a Neon!! Ha ha!!!



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