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In case you all hadn't noticed, the zoo cam is stuck at 12:40 this afternoon. That is the time when a certain fuzzy someone managed to wiggle behind my desk (which I thought was all blocked off) and chew through a cord. I think it was Benjamin, but I caught both of them back there so there's really no way to know which one did the deed.

I should have a new one up and running within a couple days, but for now it's stuck in a twilight zone where it's always 12:40 and the lights are on!

Luckily the thing isn't expensive. I found a good one at Best Buy for 15 bucks (after rebate) so it's not a huge deal. I just need to block off the back of the desk a little better!

I'm itching to get it fixed 'cuz my extension/booster cable thingie came in the mail from Amazon today. Geek stuff always makes me happy. Once I get the new camera I just have to hook up my timer to my light and then I'll have zoo cam goodness.


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