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So tomorrow I'm going to the "out of towners" Thanksgiving dinner at Laura's place. (not me, the other Laura, and no not that Laura either) Should be interesting, and hopefully fun.

At the moment I am burning a Christmas CD. I ripped all my Christmas music to my hard drive and now I'm putting it all on one CD as mp3's which I can play in my car thanks to a wonderful birthday present last summer :) Push play, flip it to random... tons o' Christmas music!

And I think I need to delete some stuff off my hard drive. I only have 600 mb left on it! Whoops!


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Yay for Lauras! Happy Thanksgiving to you. I just burned a jazz Christmas CD last night, and we're listening to it now.


Ooo, Jazz Christmas. That sounds good.

And Horrah indeed for Lauras!

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