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It's Alive!!

Now I'm at work and it appears that the webcam is working. I just refreshed it a couple times and it's still updating. So... the two programs that I left running when I left home are still working. Yay! At the moment I have the thing pointed out the window where I leave birdseed for the sparrows and chickadees, and the occasional squirrel. I don't have a long enuf USB cable yet to reach it all the way into where the zoo is. So for now, you get to look out my living room window! The thumbnail will change if you refresh the whole page, and the popup also has to be refreshed manually. If I can figure out the code I'll have the popup refresh automatically, but leave the thumbnail alone. I don't want my whole main page refreshing every minute just so the little thumbnail will change.

Heehee! I have a webcam on my blog!

Yep, I'm a happy geek.

[Update: And it's now nearly 5pm which means the thing is completely dark! I need to figure out how to get it over to the zoo so there'll be something visible more often!]


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