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What the Heck?

So apparently some freak show in Rice Lake is hunting people instead of deer.

It happened to catch my eye when I was going through my scripts today because it's near where I'm from. But then I actually read the story... Yikes! What is wrong with this dude?!?


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It's been an interesting few days around here! Apparently he went off on the hunting party when they confronted him on being on private property. The first reports we got made it sound like it was a random thing...someone just picking off random hunters but that ended up not being the case. Pretty creepy stuff!


Everything I've read on the wires makes it sound pretty freaky!

Reminds me of that dude a couple years ago that killed his daughter's b/f and a couple other people, I'm not remembering the specifics off the top of my head. The dude that changed his name while he was in prison 'cuz he was a "new man" or something equally flaky.

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