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Why I'm Voting the Way I Am

I've been composing this post in my head for quite a while now, and finally writing it down for actual posting now.

So, why am I voting for my candidate? And I am voting for him, not against the other guy.

I am of the opinion that our leaders should do what is right, not necessarily what is popular. Yes, they do have to do what their constituents want, but sometimes what the population wants isn't what's best. They have more information than your average Joe Schmo. In theory they have a better understanding of how policies will affect people.

I realize this isn't always the case. That many times politicians don't really think about their decisions, they just vote for what is expedient for them. But that's the ideal. That's what we should be shooting for.

So where does that leave me? I have to pick someone that I think I can trust with those decisions. Someone I think will make the right choices even when it isn't popular. And you know what? Our President has already proven to me that he can, and will, do that. The Senator? He constantly changes his position and most of the time I disagree with him no matter what his opinion of the day is.

And tomorrow I will go and vote. And then I will wait and I will hope for the outcome I prefer.


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Comments (7)

Happy Election Eve, you Nazi wench! ;p

I'll resume hating you on Wednesday.


Moonbat! Ditto on the resumption of hostilities.

Go you! Glad to have you as part of Team G-Dub!


Way to vote!
Good choice. I pray that he'll win
for the future of our nation.


Quite, that's why I've told people that I'm more than willing to have discussions and actually talk about issues (whatever issue it is at the moment) but I'm not interested in fighting or arguing. It's not fun and it doesn't accomplish anything.


So ummm....why didn't you respond to my e-mail then?


Because there wasn't really a questions or issues in your e-mail that required a response. And I wasn't sure yet at that point if I was going to tell anyone who I was voting for anyway. I didn't decide to make my choice public 'till yesterday.

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