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It would appear that the web cam quit updating again... Since I'm not sitting in front of my computer at home but it shows me as sitting there.

I shall have to investigate!

I know my 'puter crashed around the same time as the time stamp on that capture, so maybe when the programs started back up again a setting got messed up. I'm sure it's something silly, I just can't do anything about it 'till I get home!

And speaking of home... I fly home in less than a week!!!! WooHoo!! By this time next Monday I should be either at the EC airport or on my way there. Horrah! Woot! Yippee!!

Nope, I'm not excited at all. Why do you ask?

[Update: I just looked (haven't been home yet) and it seems to be magically fixed. Now I'm really confused!]


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