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Go Pack!


I know, I haven't been blogging for the past week. Very naughty of me.

I've just been feeling really lousy the past couple weeks and that always affects my blogging frequency. Being able to go to dance for the first time in a month on Wednesday helped a TON so I'm starting to feel somewhat more normal. Well, normal for me anyway. However, not dancing for a month has created some major soreness the past couple days! Especially since one of our new steps has a bunch of "over, 2, 3's" in it and those are hard.

But I figure the Pack having a playoff game today was as good an excuse as any to post something. Especially since they're playing the Purple People. So... Go Packers!!!


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Auntie Beth:

Glad to see you posting again. Sorry the Packers didn't win, but those Purple People aren't all bad ! Good for you getting back at the dancing. Love and miss you, AB

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