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Dr. Pepper, Google, and the Muppets

Ah, the wonders of the internet...

Anyone else seen the newest Dr. Pepper commercial for their new diet lemon cherry vanilla pepper caffeine something? It's a girl and guy in a restaurant and he's talking, she takes a sip of her pop and this song starts up and now the guy and the waiters and other folks are singing the song and not talking anymore. I was thinking that the song sounded an awful lot like a Muppet monster voice. But I couldn't place it.

A quick trip to Google later and... It's the "Mana Mana" song and it is indeed a Muppets thing. It's on this cd, and was apparently on the Muppet Show. Google even came up with a little wmv file for me...

Mana Mana

It's from the Muppet Show, but at the end there appear to be some subtitles in German maybe? I'm not sure. The song itself is just fine though. After seeing that I remembered it from being a kid watching Sesame Street! I remember those pink whatever they are's and the monster running around! And I know I haven't seen it since I was little, but I still remember it. Quite incredible is the brain!

So that's my fun little interesting tidbit of the day.


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LMAO!! I haven't seen the commercial, but I have tried the pop, if you're talking about Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. When the only thing you drink is diet soda, I'll try just about any new diet flavor. it really doesn't taste much different from plain ol diet dr. pepper. Considering it's somewhat cherry to being with!

The still store just crashed so I had to read your site while it re-boots! I need to e-mail you as I have lots of stories!


~Love, Syn~


Yeah, that. Diet Cherry Vanilla. I couldn't remember what flavors it had, just that there was more than one!

Do you perchance have that CD? Or do you just have that one Muppet song?

And I'm writting this after marking my scripts and waiting for the 6 so lots of blogging at work today! Oh, and I sent you an e-mail. Did you get it?


Guess that shows what goes in, stays !

I'll try bringing in the CD and leaving it for you when I can.

The liner notes offer some info about the origins of the song. I could research this a heckuva lot more but here's what I can tell you that should be good info off the top of my head and from the liner notes:

Yes, you DID see this on Sesame Street. It was on Sesame Street before it was recycled on The Muppet Show. On the recent 35th Anniversary Special that Sesame Street did they featured the original "Mahna Mahna" with a similar "Mahna Mahna" monster-type character. However, the two backup singers were two purplish-looking girl "Anything" Muppets with braided hair. They were singing against a generic white backdrop.

For the Muppet Show performance, Kermit introduced "Mahna Mahna and the Two Snowths." Mahna Mahna was the wild-haired guy again, but the backup singers were two bright alien-looking creatures with horns and pig-like snouts for mouths. And they did it on the bluish "weird alien planet surface" set.

Liner notes say that the tune was originally composed by Piero Umiliani and featured in a documentary on Sweden. The Muppets also performed "Mahna Mahna" on The Ed Sullivan Show (aka Toast of the Town).

I have also discovered that in the first episode of the second season of the British docu-comedy The Office, a bunch of the office mates sing "Mahna Mahna."

I can hardly wait to see this Dr. Pepper commercial.



You rock! Thanks muchly!



Zane Leblanc:

Thank you! Thanks to your clip and wmv clip, I managed to win an arguement. Some guy thought the song was Manumina.


Guess what, it was not a documentary of Sweden, it was a Swedish PORN film where this song started! http://www.geocities.com/pieroumiliani/


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