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There Are Days

When I really hate being a girl.

(Guys... this is girl stuff. Don't say I didn't warn you)

Got my period last night. Which explained why I'd been kinda out of it the last couple days. But now today I'm having absolutely horrible PMS. And shouldn't that be done since I'm not "pre" any more? I'm smack dab in the middle!

I was wanting a pretty day on my day off so I could go outside and play. And instead I've spent it inside being miserable. I've spent the last hour crying about missing a phone call from my parents. And desperately wanting to go home and get a hug.

I know it's hormones and I'll be fine in a day or two, but that really doesn't make dealing with it right this instant any easier.

I hate this!


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Much love to you my daughter! Consider yourself hugged a lot!

You are NOT allowed to cry more than 10-15 minutes about missing a phone call even if it IS from your parents and even if it IS hard to get ahold of them. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!


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