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Movie Goers

Assuming I get out of work tonight in a decent amount of time...

I'm hoping to get to The Hitchhiker movie tonight at midnight. I'm really, really hoping that it doesn't dissapoint because that would suck! The books so incredibly rock that I'm truly hoping that the rumors of mass screwing-with-the-plot/jokes/characters/etc. have been exagerated.

Oh, and I'm wearing new jeans (yeah, ok, they're capri's... shutup) today. On Thursday I managed to step on my old one's when I was trying to pick them up and ripped a massive hole in them. So a quick trip to Kohl's later and I have new jeans. They were even on sale! So I grabbed a pair of jeans and a pair of shorts for 28 bucks. Yay!

And now it's time to go do some work. Wheee... it's the book. Can't wait 'till June.


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