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Something Silly

I know, I haven't posted in more than a week. Been having a kinda crappy week or so and for whatever reason I have a hard time posting when I'm feeling like that. Even though posting tends too make me feel better. Heh, no one ever said I made sense!

So! On to the silly something!

On the way to see Dr. Idiot this morning I saw a convenience store broken down on the side of the Interstate! I wish I'd had my camera out in picture taking mode, 'cuz it was a goofy thing to see!

if you've ever seen them moving a house on the back of some semis, it was something like that. Quite surreal! Looked like you could have opened the door and gotten a bag of chips and a Coke!

And now I'm gonna go back to waiting for Dr. Idiot to show up. I really need to switch doctors...


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