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Sitting waiting for Dr. Idiot, of course I don't get reception down here, so this'll get posted when I'm done and back in the land of cell towers. Mostly I just want to go home and go to sleep. I'm so tired! Thankfully I did get a lot of cleaning done last night, really just need to do some picking up in the living room. The plan at the moment is to make apples when I get home from the doctor and then sleeeeeeep, hopefully until close to when I have to go to work in the morning. And then just a few hours and I'm on my way home. Yay! Woot! Yippee!

Not that I'm excited or anything.

Ok, I'm actually posting this thing now... Dr was an HOUR late. Wasn't even in the office when I got there. Oh yeah, such fun. Almost fell asleep on the couch in the waiting room.


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What an ass goblin! Tell him you demand a refund. ;) (((((HUGS)))))

I can't wait to see you!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!

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