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So what do we think?

I just randomly picked this purply-blue color off a hex color chart, but I think I kinda like this shades of the same color thing.

I may or may not bring back the fingerspelling. Or maybe it'll be back, just different. But for the moment I think I'm gonna stick with this blurple thing I've got going on.

And Syn... now that I know what I'm doing... you're next! Bwahahahahaha!


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Oooh, me likey!! :) I should be around after you're done working tonight. I'm headed back outside with my book, just figured I'd take a quick break. It's so damn hot in the house right now, it's too warm to be online, lol! (((((hugs))))) Talk to ya later!


Love the blue-purple color...very fresh and inviting!

I'm with Mom, (lol) very nice!

Love it!


Well thanks everybody!

I think I like it to, so other than minor tweaks I'm gonna keep it for the time being.

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