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I'm not sure what the deal is...

I'm getting random server errors whenever I save something. The entry still saves, but it doesn't rebuild the index page. But if I manually rebuild the index page it shows up. I've checked my server error logs and it says that there's been a "premature end of script headers" on my mt.cgi file. Never had that happen before. No idea what the deal is. I've always been so happy with my host, but there's been a lot of quirky weirdness lately that's making me think about maybe switching to a different host.

I'm confused!

And Syn... I've set up a "test" blog for you under my site for us to monkey with so whenever we figure out what the deal is we can wipe your's and start from scratch. Also... thinking about moving everything over to Hosting Matters 'cuz I know a BUNCH of people that use them and are very happy.

UPDATE: Of course when I saved this entry just now everything worked exactly the way it ought. Very odd.


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Sweeeeet! I saved all the "month" archives....but of course forgot to e-mail them to the home 'puter, but they're there. So I've got all those. And as far as hosting goes....I'm happy to go wherever, so if that other place will work better, cool beans. Drat that other company, anyway! BAH! ;) Glad to see you got home in one piece. I'm off to find a way to keep my tower off the floor.....I took the side off this morning to vaccum it out and you should have SEEN the cathair in it! AHHHHH!! A drive is all better but the stupid CD rom is still SOL. ANYWAY!!! ((((((HUGS)))))) Miss you!


Ack! Miss you too! (I need a hug smilie that isn't sad, cuz that's what I wanted to put there)

Slow day at work today so I've been trying to import just Sept of 2002 to see how it works. I have a file in the "import" folder that looks EXACTLY like the file I used to import some of my stuff. Nothin' doin'

Oh, and if you want to play... go to my mt login and use your normal stuff (lowercase on password I think) and it'll let you get to a "Syn Test Blog" for us to play with. Since we know my server works and all that!

Oh, interesting thing with the Hosting Matters folks. You can run more than one domain off one package. So since I already need a load of space for my two, I'm thinking we could maybe just piggyback you on mine and be done with it. Just a thought.

Ack. Miss you! (and really don't want to be at work right now)

If you really think about moving from your current host, you might want to check Dreamhost. They have very nice promotion atm.

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