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The Blogathon

So here's the deal.

I am going to participate in the Blogathon and raise money for Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue in memory of Tali.

So what is a "blogathon"?

Well, it's like any other "athon", a jog-a-thon, or dance-a-thon, or walk-a-thon, or skate-a-thon, or... you get the idea. Bunches of people blog for 24 hours straight starting at 9am EST on August 6th. Bunches of other people pledge support if the blogger is successfull.

So if you'd like to help raise money for some wonderful buns head over to the Blogathon site and sign up to sponser me! And then on the 6th you can come harrass me here while I try to post something every half hour for 24 hours. I think the hardest part might be being awake by 9am!


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I'm stretching my next check, but it's for a bunny.

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