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So I'm tired (working the morning show ) and I'm missing my furbaby, and there's drama with one of the fids... But I'm feeling the need to do something somewhat normal, so I'm gonna post something horribly mundane.

Today after the noon, I am going to Target to buy a new vacuum. I was trying to clean Monday... hey, stop laughing, I clean sometimes! And my vacuum just refused to pick up anything. I dissasembled the thing twice to make sure it was working properly; it was, just not very well! I felt like I was brushing the carpet instead of vacuuming it. So I have received permission from my personal accountant (Hi Mom ) to move some money from my savings account to my spending account with which to purchase a new vacuum.

Heh, I can't believe I have a savings account. With enough money in it to buy a vacuum!

I'm also thinking about taking a page out of Lair's book and doing the Blogathon in memory of Tali for a local bunny rescue. I know it's only a week and a half until then, (the blogathon is on August 6th for anyone that's interested) but I could raise at least a little bit of money between now and then right? I think it might feel good to let something good happen because of this nastiness.


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I think that sounds like a great idea. :)

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