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Well That's Just Great

I know it's my own stupid fault, but I am not having a good night.

I went to my movie (Fantastic Four, it was decent, mindless fun, which is what I was after) and I'm on my way home. Turns out I have a burned out headlight, so a cop pulls me over. Guess who's never gotten around to getting a RI license for her car?

That'd be me. The one who is now waiting for a taxi at the fraking police station because they towed my car.

So I guess I'm going to be renting a car for the weekend and then dealing with this on Monday when the stupid DMV is open.

I know, it's my own stupid fault. But it still SUCKS!!!!


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MIA due to dial-up.

yep, that just sucks! Glad to read the other posting to see that things are working out now though, still sounds like it was a rough few days for ya. (hugs)

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