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OK, I lose track of time WAY too fast when I'm being geeky.

I gotta go get ready for work!

Syn... I'm making progress on your style sheet and such fun stuff. Feel free to mess away if you want (oh, and that error seems to be a hickup of some sort, doesn't affect anything, I got it a couple times too but not all the time. Weird I know.)

OK. Going to work.


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Sweeeet! Will do!! Geekery is fun!!


and it cut off the bottom half! ANyway, AS I was saying, i spent most if the day trying to fix my CD-rom (no dice) and our tower cam got some great shots of the fireworks at C. Park tonight. And your "oldest parade" was mentioned in World Watch. Off to drink with the sis! Miss you!!


So did it get picked 'cuz you knew about it or 'cuz they just picked some random 4th of July thing?

Cool fireworks here too. Got aerials of the massive Boston Pops thing from the affil in Boston. Very cool shots. (and I like 'em better on TV anyway 'cuz then they don't hurt my ears!)

Miss you!

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