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August 1, 2005

The Dreaded DMV

I'm in the same line for the second time, and I have this sinking feeling that when I get to the front again they're going to tell me I'm missing some piece of paper that I don't have and can't get.

Update 12:30 ---- Apparently I need a copy of my title, which is in my apartment somewhere. So, now I'm waiting for a taxi, again.

Update 2:00 ---- And of course I can't find said title. Arrggghhhh!!!!! I am now waiting for the Enterprise people to pick me up and I'm renting a car for the rest of today and tomorrow. I need to drive quite a bit tomorrow to deal with Samantha so I'm just gonna get a car and be done with it.

Syn Rocks!

Syn rocks! She's gonna brave the EC DMV for me tomorrow so I can get a new title for my car. Yay!

Otherwise it was going to be two weeks before I could get one and that's just not gonna work! Thank you Syn!

August 2, 2005

She Knows

I'm sure of it. She's been super affectionate and well-behaved the last couple days.

All that's left is to put her in the car and go.

I hate this.

August 3, 2005


Waiting at the DMV, do-dah, do-dah,
Waiting at the DMV, all the live long day...

At least I made it to the second line this time! I am within sight of today's goal (getting temporary plates for my car) Of course, I'm #98 and they're on #56 right now... but at least we're making progress!

Update: We're making progress! It's 1:50 and they're now at #94! It's almost me!

Update: It's now 3:00, I have a temporary license and I'm waiting at the Enterprise office for my ride to my car after returning my rental! Soooo close to having my car back! Woot!



By request, we now have a graphical do-dad for everyone's posting pleasure!

Thanks to Lair for being the very first contributor! Yay!

In case you haven't heard... this Saturday is the Blogathon, which I will be participating in for Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue in Rhode Island in memory of my Tali who passed away suddenly July 23rd.

So if you want to help some bunnies in need go sign up to support me! And then watch me make a fool of myself while I try to blog for 24 hours straight on August 6th.

August 4, 2005

Thank You!

Thank you kind folks! We're now up to 40 bucks for the bunnies at Sweet Binks!

If you'd like to help out too, head over to the Blogathon page and sign up to be a sponsor.

August 5, 2005

T Minus 12 Hours

Hopefully in 12 hours my alarm will be going off and I'll actually be waking up! I'm notorius for sleeping through my alarm so I think I'll set two of them just to be on the safe side. I'm honestly not worried about staying up for 24 hours, it's the getting up by 9 thing that I'm worried about!

August 6, 2005

And They're Off!

I don't know about anybody else doing this, but I'd really like to go back to sleep for a couple hours!

I am not a morning person!

Settling In

OK, I have some caffeine in my system now and I'm slightly more awake!

So... I'm doing this blogathon thing. All the relevant links are up there at the top of the page.

The webcams are up and running, we'll see if Benjamin decides to make an appearance. I might go grab him at some point, but we'll see. There's a better chance he'll show up late tonight (like midnight-ish) when I get home from work. That tends to be when he's more apt to explore the living room. So in the meantime you can stare at me and whichever Fid happens to show up!

If you want to pester me through IM... I'm "Sunidesus" on both Yahoo and AIM.

I will be having to go to work at 3, but I'm directing today which means I get to sit in front of a computer for most of the day anyway. I'm kinda curious of any other blogathoners are working today? I know it's a Saturday, but lots of people have to work weekends so I can't be the only one.

And the comment spammers hit me pretty hard last night so I'm gonna go deal with them now!

Comment Spammers

If you could all kindly KNOCK IT OFF! I would appreciate it.

This time, in addition to all the normal casino and pr0n spam, I had a bunch for tatoo stuff. Haven't had that one before.


Miss Mione has been most demanding of scritches this morning! But that's ok, I know to her I'm just a scritch and food providing machine.

What's for Breakfast?

That's the next important question of the day!

There's bread for toast or grilled cheese sandwiches... I think I have eggs but I'm not really in the mood to make eggs. There's pizza in the freezer... or soup... Cheerios... I could make some sort of tuna thing...

I just don't know what I want!

Webcam Portal

And I just realized that I suck and forgot to submit my webcam to the blogathon webcam portal. That was awfully silly of me!

The images on the right of the main page here will only refresh when you load the page, or if you refresh the page manually yourself. But if you click on them it'll take you to another page that will automatically refresh every 30 seconds. I don't know if anyone can handle that much of my ugly mug, but if you want it, there it is!


I'm not sure where he ended up, but I just heard Shirin go flying around the Zoo! He probably ended up back on top of his cage, but I'll have to go investigate to find out for sure. Maybe we'll get a Rin appearance on the webcam!

It's Time to Play the Music...

I've only seen parts of it, but I know from the bits that I've seen that I want this! The first season of the Muppet Show is being released on DVD on Tuesday.


What to talk about...

I still haven't gone to get myself something to eat. Which is silly. The kitchen is just a few steps away.

Ewwww! Naked Mole Rats on Animal Planet! They're really weird looking! I'd really like to watch my Friday SciFi tape, but I don't think I'll be able to pay enough attention to it while I'm doing this. Such a dilemma!

Soup's On!

OK, not really, but it works for a title!

I decided on pizza so the oven's pre-heating now.

Ya know, I really should have thought of a plan of a attack for this thing. I really don't know what to post about all day! Sure, some of it will be covered by "gotta go to work, I'll be back after directing this show, what should I eat" kind of posts. But what about the rest of the time? Lair is much better at this!

I Forgot!

I was going to post about this last night, but then I thought, "No, wait 'till tomorrow, it'll give you something to post about." And I just remembered what it was!

Last night after work (11:30pm-ish) I went to put my rent check in the mailbox of the office. There were people in the pool! The pool that closes, and locks, at 8pm. They seemed perfectly happy to be in there so I'm not sure if they climbed the fence or were making the best of being locked in or what. It was quite odd in any event! I was thinking I ought to snap a picture of them, but figured they might object to that so I just put my check in the mailbox and quietly left!

Adopt Us!

Going with a bunny themed post for this half-hour.

If you live in Rhode Island (or the immediate area) and are thinking about getting a bunny. Here's some adoptable bunnies at Sweet Binks! They're house buns, which means they stay inside with you and your family, not outside in one of those hutch things. Most of them are litter trained and already altered so there won't be any danger of baby buns! And please, think about adopting a pair. It really isn't any more work and they're soooo much happier if they have a friend to hang out with. And two bunnies playing and snuggling is just so cute, how can you resist!

Mmmmm... Pizza......

And I'm thoroughly enjoying it! Even if it was broken in three giant pieces when I pulled it out of the freezer. It still tastes the same!

It's Official

I'm running out of things to talk about!

I'm working on getting some pictures posted in the photoblog, but nothing's ready quite yet.

OK, thought of something. One of McDonald's new spots just ran. Very dumb ad. I don't know who came up with the concept, but holding out the pinky fingers to indicate going to McDonald's? What? Yeah, ok, there's chicken fingers or something. But still! That's just weird.

Game Play

Well, I tried to play a game of Chuzzle, but my computer decided to pick that moment to start running slow. It's kinda hard to play games when everything's behind by a second or two! Very irritating.

Once I get to work I'll probably play some MSN games. I can't play them at home because for some reason whenever I go on MSN's website I get kicked off-line! It's something to do with the ads because it only happens when an ad runs. It didn't happen on my laptop, just on the desktop. Of ccourse the laptop has died so that's not an option any more either. Pesky hard drive failure...

Dressed and Ready

Well, I'm now dressed and ready to go to work. I don't have to actually leave for another 20/30 minutes, but I figured I'd get ready a tad early today.

I think I'll point the webcam outside while I'm at work. If you're lucky maybe one of the sparrows or squirrels that frequent my window ledge will make an appearance!

Just a Working Stiff

It's just about time to go to work

I'm planning to spend most of the day hanging out in the newsroom. The computers down there are a tad better and I can do all my directorly pre-show stuff from there anyway. Plus, it's the weekend and it's usually more fun to hang out down there on weekends than during the week. Waaaay too many management newsies around on weekdays.


Well, I have made it to work. However, I seem to have developed a splitting headache somewhere between home and here. Yick!

Luckily there isn't much to be done yet. At this point in the day it's kind of a "warm body" job. Doesn't matter who's here, as long as someone is! Of course if there's breaking news or something and we have to cut in, then it matters who's here. But on the average day? Not so much.

Not Good

It's only 3:30 and my eyes are already kinda on the droopy side! Ack!

I managed to get a decent amount of sleep last night so I really shouldn't be tired. Here's hoping it's just a mid-afternoon thing and will go away soon. Because this will get rapidly less fun if I have to fight to stay awake the whole time!

Slightly More Awake

I think it was some weird mid-afternoon thing. I'm feeling much more with it at the moment. Not compltely, but better than I was!

I may have to go wander the building and see who I can pester. Or get something out of the vending machine... Ooo, I could go for an ice cream sandwich. Yes, we have a vending machine with frozen things in it. It is a wonderful, and somewhat evil, thing.

What's a Bink?

I had a thought and figured I'd turn it into a post.

It occured to me that most people probably don't know what a "Bink" is. It's a shortened form of the word "binky" which is a word for a common bunny maneuver.

I've been trying to capture one with the video mode on my camera, but it's quite difficult! Basically it's a combination of a jump and a twist. If you're very lucky you might even get to see a wild rabbit do it. Your bun might be sitting on the floor calmly, and then all of a sudden jump and twist in the air and then amble off again. Or it might be running full blast making circuits of the room and randomly jump up in the air. It's one of those goofy bunny things that make them so much fun to watch.

And yes, wild bunnies do do this. If they're comfortable and feeling safe, wild bunnies will run and jump and play just like house rabbits do.

Beware... Silly Quiz Ahead

You are Brian
You are Brian. The family dog and the most
intelligent member of the family. Try not to
wet yourself on the carpet anymore.

Which Family Guy Character are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Hey! I needed something to post! And I like Family Guy so this works. And honestly, of all the characters, I think Brian might be the most "normal." Well, normal for Family Guy anyway.

And now I'm off to check my break times, and then I think I'll head down towards the newsroom to bother whichever producer I have today.


It's 5:30 and I'm marking scripts... chances are the next hour will have the bare minimum of posts. This silly job thing is getting in the way.

Almost Show Time

It's about 10 'till and my scripts are all marked. Just a few missing scripts that need times filled in. I'll be heading down to the control room momentarily... show's over at 27:30 so my next post will be shortly after that!

Clean Show!

Yay! Clean shows make me happy.

So now I don't have any responsibilities until second lottery around 7:30.

Thank you, that is all.

The Blogathon of the Pets

i-pets has a list of all the blogathoners that are blogging for animal charities. Whether you like cats, pits, shih tzu's, bunnies, greyhounds, elephants, or a more general charity, there's something for everyone!

Link found at Lair's place

Dinner Time

I have been elected to go get dinner.

Mmmm... Chili's chips and queso.... /Homer voice


I now have my chips and queso. Very yummy stuff indeed!

Another 5 or 6 minutes and I'll have to go deal with lottery. It's such a pain.

However, I'm at work and that means I can play MSN games. Yay!

The Winning Numbers

Time to go deal with lottery.

I'd much rather continue sitting here doing nothing!


Well I just had a very enjoyable game of Hexic. I wish I knew why my computer at home chokes on MSN stuff. They have some very fun games! And I'd like to be able to play them at home.

Crazy People!

One of the producers just downloaded some video off one of the news services of this crazy lady in the back of a police cruiser. I can't seem to find it on-line anywhere. I'm going to keep looking for it though, 'cuz it's quite entertaining. She's apparently high and is a complete nutcase.

Update: Found it! Don't bother reading the story, just go to the video link. There's a silly ad, and the anchor intro, but after that is the good stuff.

Not Enough

There is never enough queso for the amount of chips! It's just not right and the Chili's people really need to do something about it!

I'm just sayin'

A container about a fourth or a third larger would be all it would take. It's very irritating to have this quarter bag of chips and nothing to put on them! I always end up taking them home and making my own sorta-nachos, but it would be soooo much better if there were just enough queso in the container!

New Smilies

I was searching for a saluting smilie, and found a cylon smilie! I figure he fits in with my borg and alien smilies.

Oh, and Syn, I futzed with a little bit of code on your smilie pallette so that you don't have to scroll left/right. Oh, just realized I forgot to do it on the one on your entry page, I only did the one on the comments. I'll go take care of that now!

Getting Close Again

It's starting to head towards that time when I'm going to have to do actual work again. From 9:30ish-11:30ish I'll be back to one or two sentence posts. Silly work!

What Next

I have both my shows blocked... just waiting 'till 9 to print the first one. Hopefully the copier won't jam four times like it did before the 6! It's a great big copier with all kinds of options, and it jams constantly! Usually we can get it undone ourselves, but every now and then it completely breaks. Then we're stuck with the crappy one in the newsroom that's even worse than the big one upstairs.

Nobody Panic

But I'm on my last blue Sharpie. This is not good.

Luckily boss-lady is back on Monday and she can get me more. Blue Sharpies are very important and one should never be without them!

Memory Aid

Producer was listening to this song in the newsroom. It sounded interesting and I kinda liked it so I'm putting a link here so I remember what it was!

Meanwhile... time to check the rundown for show #2 and see if it's close to being ready to print.


Printing the rundown for show #2... Then will be heading for the control room to direct show #1.

In the Show!

I love my phone!

Show #2

It's just after 10:30 and I'm marking my scripts for show#2...

Closing In

Well, most of my scripts are marked for the 11 (otherwise knows as show #2) I'm still missing stuff, but mostly I'm ready to go.

And because it was mentioned in a comment down a couple posts... the only reason this is possible while I'm working is because I have big chunks of downtime and none of the shows are longer than half an hour. If this were a weekday... not a chance!


Show's done, all that's left to do is write my devo's and go home! Yay!

August 7, 2005

I'm Home!

I'm home, and I'm just gonna write a quick post here for the top of the hour before I go and finish getting settled in for the home stretch.

Hey, Look at That

It's 12:30! I glanced down at the clock on my computer and realized a half an hour had passed.

Time is so weird. This whole day it's either seemed like the half hours go waaaaay too fast, or else they drag on forever. Very strange.


My tummy is all rumbly. I think I'm gonna go make myself a big bowl of popcorn. That just sounds really good at the moment.

And Coke, gonna need more Coke.

Mmmm... Popcorn...

I'm back, armed with a very large bowl of popcorn and a can of Coke.

Usually when I have popcorn it's while watching a movie and I'm all curled up in bed. Today Tonight I'll be having my popcorn at my desk! It tastes delicious no matter where I am when I eat it.

Bunny Hopes

Yes, I spelled that right.

Since it's later now I'm hoping that we might get a Benjamin appearance on one of the webcams. I might just grab him at some point and force the issue.

And it isn't too late to contribute to the cause either! I have no idea if anyone's been wandering through today, other than my friendly monitor (hi!) but if you have, go ahead and sign up as a sponsor! All the links are up there at the top of the page.

Help out some adorable fuzzy bunnies that need homes!


A friend just sent me a link to a former co-worker's profile on one of those dating service website things.

Lets just say that it was quite entertaining reading!

More Games

Just played a couple more rounds of Chuzzle. It was starting to hitch a little though so I decided to quit while I was ahead.

I think I'm gonna go see if one of the critters wants to come play.

It Ate Me!

There's a fishy game I like to play sometimes. It's pretty basic, you're a bitty little fish and eat the fish that are smaller than you. Every fish you eat makes you a little bit bigger until you get big enough to eat the big fish.

It's simple, but fun! The only problem with it is that it can't be paused! Which is a major problem when you have to do something (like post on your blog)

Yeah, Ummm....

Well, looks like we all have about 6 hours left...

What to talk about for 6 hours?

Well, when I got home from work tonight there weren't any people in the pool! Although, seeing people in the pool that late kinda made me want to try it! Midnight swimming when you're not supposed to... it just sounds like fun!

Mione is keeping me company at the moment. She's alternating between demanding scritches and trying to attack my fingers. Of course it's her silly fake attack thing where she just opens her mouth and fusses at my fingers, maybe touches them at the most. No biting or anything like that. She's most indignant about it too!

I just heard Benjamin jump off of or onto something. Not sure which. I'm gonna go find out! And get another Coke too.

Look! A Bunny!


This would be Benjamin. When I'm ready I'll be adopting another bunny for him. He's definately lonely without his snuggle buddy around. Sooner or later I'll be ready and go visit the folks at Sweet Binks to find a good bonding candidate for Benjamin.

No Romping

It's starting to look like there won't be any Benjamin playing in the living room tonight.

Before I brought Tali home, and now since she's gone, he's a very different bunny. He's more interested in staying in his house and just sacking out in there. When Tali first came home he just wanted to chase her around (very normal bunny behavior, have to establish who's boss and all that) but once they got acquainted they'd play and relax and snuggle in the living room and really only used their house for eating and pooping.

But Tali was always a lot more adventerous than Benjamin. I think he came out because she did.

I miss having bunnies snuggling in my apartment. And playing, and just plain being silly.

That's Just Silly!

I just saw a spot that has made me giggle for a while now.

One of the news stations runs a promo saying that their newscasts are available in Spanish if you use the SAP option. But the entire spot is in English! How does that make sense? If a person doesn't understand English so they want to listen to the news in Spanish, how are they going to know about this service of yours?!?

Some promotions person somewhere really wasn't thinking when they created that spot!

I Want to go to Bed!

Yeah, I know. Not exactly a shocker at 5 in the morning.

Of course once 9 comes around I probably won't be able to sleep. 'cuz that's just the way my body seems to work! Sleepy when I can't do anything about it. Wide awake when I'm in my bed with time to spare. Very irritating.


OK, I suck.

I fell asleep in my stupid chair.

I'm a Loser

Well, at this point I missed a couple posts in a row and that's a big old no-no.

But it's also only another hour so I'm just gonna stay up for that last hour and then go to bed.

I feel all dumb and guilty now.

Ummm, Yeah

So it's 8:30ish now.

I realize it's a lost cause at this point. But I'm gonna hang in there another half an hour and then go to bed.

24 Hours Later

Well, it's 9 in the morning now.

And like a bunch of other folks... I'm really tired!

I'm gonna go to bed now and sleep for a couple hours. Not too long though, 'cuz I have to be at work at 3:30!

August 8, 2005

G'Night Pete


Continue reading "G'Night Pete" »

Moblog links

This looks promising, or at least worth a try.

This is an update to the above.

This is a list of all kinds of moblog posts.

August 9, 2005

Grumble, Stupid DMV, Grumble

I have tomorrow off from work which means I'll be spending another fun filled day at the DMV. So I figured I'd get a jump on it and get my VIN check done today. Drive up to the police station... big old "No VIN Checks Today" sign up on the door.

Well that's just great. Now I'm gonna have to wait untill tomorrow, after 11, and then DMV after that. And since it'll be after noon by that point there'll be an insane line. But hopefully that'll be the end of my DMV woes. *crosses fingers*

As if the DMV Wasn't Enough...

Now I'm having bank issues!

I finally got my finances to the point where I could deal with them and wasn't feeling traped by money, and WHAM! new problem.

My bill paying check card was declined by one of my normal bill places, so I payed with the other card (spending account) so my account wouldn't be suspended. When I checked on-line there's a couple charges that I don't remember AT ALL. So I called the bank and they said they'd dispute the two charges and if I saw more to let them know. Then they said they'd cancel that card and send me a new one. The account would still be there, no problem, but no card for it.

OK, fine. I can deal with this. Once I get the new card, just change my automatic bills to the new card... no problem.

On my dinner break I went over to Pep Boys to get a new headlight for my other source of issues and when I tried to pay for it, my spending account card was declined! So I tried to write a check. That was declined too!

I have no idea what's going on, other than that there's something seriously wrong and I don't know how I'm going to deal with the DMV tomorrow if I can't access any of my money!


August 11, 2005

More DMV Madness

I was this close *holds fingers a millimeter apart* to having a meltdown inthe middle of the DMV. Finally think I have everythink that I need and the lady tells me I'm missing someone else's signature! Ack!!!

Very,very luckily DMV lady took pity on me and is bending the rules slightly. So hopefully I'm in this stupid line for the last time.

It Worked!!!!

Oh my word! I think I may actually have figured out this silly plugin to get my moblog all on my own site!

It isn't even close to right yet, but an e-mail was posted from the address I set up. It doesn't look right, it's formatted all goofy, but it posted!!!!!

My little geek heart is all excited now.

*runs off to mess with it some more*

It Works!

It works, it works, it works!!!!

Yeah, so, I'm excited!

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Hosting Matters who manually installed some stuff for me, I now have a moblog on my own server! Yay! The thumbnail in the sidebar leads to the moblog site.

It's not done yet, but all the functions work so at this point it's just tweaking until I get it looking the way I want it.

August 12, 2005

Wisdom from Dunkin Donuts

A co-worker just came back from Dunkin' Donuts and shared this bit of wisdom from the Dunkin Donuts staff:

"We don't got no fat-free milk, but we gots skim."

August 13, 2005

Spam Stuff

I've added SpamLookup to the comment spammer arsenal around here. I'm not 100 percent sure on how it works when it sees something that it thinks is spam, but I think is ok. So if your comment or trackback gets bounced please let me know and I'll mess with it.

Storage Links

Don't mind me... just making a list of links so I don't have to go searching again later.

266/$276 favorite 1
215/$184 favorite 2

August 15, 2005


I am having the worst time getting up and getting anything done lately. I haven't been going to bed any later than usual either so I really don't know what my problem is.

Regardless of the problem, it's most annoying!

Bunny Hero

A bunny in Illinois may have saved her owner's life!

Apparently this happened back in May, but it's just showing up on the wires today.

The lady bought this little bitty bunny at a garage sale and a couple weeks later during the night it was making a huge racket and woke the husband up. He went to check on it and then when he came back to bed he noticed his wife was making odd noises and her eyes were open and she was just staring into space. Apparently the lady had gestational diabetes and had gone into a hypoglycemic coma.

If the bunny hadn't woken up the husband who knows what could have happened.

August 16, 2005

One More Day

Just have to make it though the rest of today and then tomorrow and then I have a bunch of days off in a row.

I am feeling marginally better than yesterday, but still just not quite right. However, my dinner break is now over which means I have to go do actual work.

August 17, 2005

Some Good News

Checked the mail when I got home from work last night... my new check cards have arrived! Yay!

So they've now been activated; I just have to make sure I know which is which and then I can get all my bills paid and all the automatic payments set up again. Whew!

Oh, and feeling slightly better than yesterday again too so that's good.

Firefox Stuff

Just sticking these here so I remember them when I get home.

Last Tab
Tab X
Measure It
IE View
Dictionary Search
View Rendered Source

August 25, 2005


Someone has done something to the network settings at work and none of the images on my web server show up any more!

Not just the pictures either, all the little dodads within the MT interface are red x's, the webcams, the moblog, the photoblog. All of it. The only thing that's showing up is the book blog! And I'm sure that's 'cuz those images are actually hosted on Amazon's servers and not mine.

Very irritating! I will have to talk with the internet guru here and see if he can fix it. Hopefully it was a mistake and not something that was done to me on purpose.

August 26, 2005


I really don't like it when my parents leave. It seems like the couple days after are tons more difficult than they ought to be.

I'm just feeling really worn out and getting overwhelmed much too easily.

However, happily, the new schedule system starts at work next week which means the beginning of 4 day work weeks. Yay!

August 28, 2005

Sorry, Not Interested!

Walked out of my apartment this afternoon on the way to work and spoted two pair of rather distinctive looking teenage boys.

"Good afternoon Ma'am, how are you today...?"

OK, first off, I am not a "ma'am". Second of all, on my way to work, not interested, please go away.

I actually know someone who managed to get himself "blacklisted" with the local group back home. He pretended to be interested and then over the course of a couple meetings he witnessed to them and got them to start questioning what they'd been taught. As soon as the higher ups realized what was happening the underlings suddenly weren't coming around any more!

August 29, 2005


Well, I think I have successfully upgraded to MT 3.2 I'm not sure why the little "powered by" thingy isn't showing up correctly.

And now I have all kinds of new features and settings to play with! I haven't done a heck of a lot of playing with it yet, tonight I mostly wanted to get it upgraded and then make sure everything was still working. That seems to be true so I'm going to bed! I'll have to play more tomorrow.

Plugin Fun!

We all knew it wouldn't be long until I found more plugins to occupy myself...

Config UI
Style Catcher

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