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Adopt Us!

Going with a bunny themed post for this half-hour.

If you live in Rhode Island (or the immediate area) and are thinking about getting a bunny. Here's some adoptable bunnies at Sweet Binks! They're house buns, which means they stay inside with you and your family, not outside in one of those hutch things. Most of them are litter trained and already altered so there won't be any danger of baby buns! And please, think about adopting a pair. It really isn't any more work and they're soooo much happier if they have a friend to hang out with. And two bunnies playing and snuggling is just so cute, how can you resist!


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I would LOVE a bunny (as would my son) HOWEVER, we have two dogs, two cats, one foster cat, and two fish. Plus, we have a foster kid or two coming in the next month or so, so my husband would look at me as if I was INSANE if I even SUGGESTED another mouth to feed! However, we did "rescue" all four of our four legged friends!


That's sure a full household! Wow!

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