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As if the DMV Wasn't Enough...

Now I'm having bank issues!

I finally got my finances to the point where I could deal with them and wasn't feeling traped by money, and WHAM! new problem.

My bill paying check card was declined by one of my normal bill places, so I payed with the other card (spending account) so my account wouldn't be suspended. When I checked on-line there's a couple charges that I don't remember AT ALL. So I called the bank and they said they'd dispute the two charges and if I saw more to let them know. Then they said they'd cancel that card and send me a new one. The account would still be there, no problem, but no card for it.

OK, fine. I can deal with this. Once I get the new card, just change my automatic bills to the new card... no problem.

On my dinner break I went over to Pep Boys to get a new headlight for my other source of issues and when I tried to pay for it, my spending account card was declined! So I tried to write a check. That was declined too!

I have no idea what's going on, other than that there's something seriously wrong and I don't know how I'm going to deal with the DMV tomorrow if I can't access any of my money!



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