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G'Night Pete


I know it's probably because my first television job was at an ABC affiliate, and I was there for more than 5 years, but Peter Jennings was my favorite of the "big three" anchors. Yeah, he tended to be liberal leaning and not very fair on a lot of issues (but that's awfully rare in the MSM anyway) but I liked his style a lot. I know he had a lot of historically important reporting that he did that he'll be remembered for by a lot of folks. But for me, by far, 9/11 sticks out in my mind.

And it won't quite be the same knowing that at the end of the national news, just before 6pm CST, no one will be saying "g'night Pete" any more.


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Agreed, well said. Of the big three for two decades... no contest... Peter was the best... even though that ABC affiliate came thru with multiple ghosts and scratchy audio (through our misaligned rooftop antenna) I'd watch him anyway.


Looks like we had the same thoughts about the title. It's been strange without him since April, even stranger knowing he's gone now. :( Last night's WNT was great...but really sad too.


It's good to see Peter Jennings' picture here. I admired him very much and was sad to see him go. It's the ending of an era, really.

And thanks for stopping by Meditation Matters and admiring Henry's beautiful blue eyes. He's quite a kitty!

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