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I Want to go to Bed!

Yeah, I know. Not exactly a shocker at 5 in the morning.

Of course once 9 comes around I probably won't be able to sleep. 'cuz that's just the way my body seems to work! Sleepy when I can't do anything about it. Wide awake when I'm in my bed with time to spare. Very irritating.


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bwuhahahahah!! We've got you beat!! It's 4:03 a.m., I've been up since a little before 8....AND we have to be at the parental house in a little under 6 hours....damn!! We had BEVERAGES!!! Twas a small, but good time. I hope you're having a good night. MISS YOU!!!

Down to the final three!! You can do it!!

Um, you missed a POST!!! Where is it??? Don't die out on me now!!!

Oh, man, you were SOOOO close. What happened?!?!

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