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Waiting at the DMV, do-dah, do-dah,
Waiting at the DMV, all the live long day...

At least I made it to the second line this time! I am within sight of today's goal (getting temporary plates for my car) Of course, I'm #98 and they're on #56 right now... but at least we're making progress!

Update: We're making progress! It's 1:50 and they're now at #94! It's almost me!

Update: It's now 3:00, I have a temporary license and I'm waiting at the Enterprise office for my ride to my car after returning my rental! Soooo close to having my car back! Woot!


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I think it was what...10:30 my time when I signed off, so that would have been 11:30 your time.... you were there a long freaking time! Hope you're having a good night!!

---- tapes are cued, teases cut, and now i'm getting squirrley! I'll save you some chicken and cheesy potatoes. ;)

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