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What's a Bink?

I had a thought and figured I'd turn it into a post.

It occured to me that most people probably don't know what a "Bink" is. It's a shortened form of the word "binky" which is a word for a common bunny maneuver.

I've been trying to capture one with the video mode on my camera, but it's quite difficult! Basically it's a combination of a jump and a twist. If you're very lucky you might even get to see a wild rabbit do it. Your bun might be sitting on the floor calmly, and then all of a sudden jump and twist in the air and then amble off again. Or it might be running full blast making circuits of the room and randomly jump up in the air. It's one of those goofy bunny things that make them so much fun to watch.

And yes, wild bunnies do do this. If they're comfortable and feeling safe, wild bunnies will run and jump and play just like house rabbits do.


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For me, a former child care worker, a "Bink" and a "Binky" are pacifiers!!


Yeah, I've heard that use of the word too. That's probably a more common usuage than the bunny usage!

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