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Yeah, Ummm....

Well, looks like we all have about 6 hours left...

What to talk about for 6 hours?

Well, when I got home from work tonight there weren't any people in the pool! Although, seeing people in the pool that late kinda made me want to try it! Midnight swimming when you're not supposed to... it just sounds like fun!

Mione is keeping me company at the moment. She's alternating between demanding scritches and trying to attack my fingers. Of course it's her silly fake attack thing where she just opens her mouth and fusses at my fingers, maybe touches them at the most. No biting or anything like that. She's most indignant about it too!

I just heard Benjamin jump off of or onto something. Not sure which. I'm gonna go find out! And get another Coke too.


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Six hours!! You're in the home stretch!!

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