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In Which Suni Joins the DVR Loving Population

I finally broke down and went to the cable company and signed up for their DVR service. And after having it for only one day... I am in love! This thing rocks!

It has less memory than a TiVo (holds 40 hours) but I can't afford 300 bucks for a TiVo so I'm ok with that! It'll record two channels at once which is incredibly nice. And Cox's interactive guide thing actually (ding!) works pretty well. It doesn't have as many bells and whistles as a TiVo either but, again, I'm ok with that.

I'm going to have to play with it more to figure out everything it can do, but just the basics so far have me quite excited!

And as an added bonus getting the DVR means I get the digital tier of channels which includes GSN and previous seasons of TAR! Yay! I can finally watch the seasons from before I realized how much that show completely rocks.

However, now the tangle of insanity behind the television is even worse than it was before. I think I'll have to pull it all apart and put it back together sometime soon.


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Did you know that actually you can get a TiVo for like $50? Its a rebate, but I've bought 2 of them :) I am soooo in love!


Yeah, I saw that the other day. The problem is that initial amount... I just don't have that laying around.

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