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Jack White


I'm off today and just turned my tv to the news from the place I work just in time to see the 5:30 start.

One of the reporters died this morning! Totally unexpected, I just directed a show that he was in on Monday I think.

He was an incredibly well-respected investigative reporter who has won Pulitzers and Emmys. (I posted about him once before)

I really didn't have a lot of contact with him (with any of the reporters really) but he was always very nice whenever we ran into each other in the newsroom. I'm just floored that this happened.

I've been reading some of the stuff about him on the website at work... he won a Pulitzer for National Reporting for a story he did about Nixon cheating on his taxes. The famous "I am no crook" line was said in relation to that story! Go read some of the articles about him, he's had an incredible career.


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That's so sad. :( And what a career. Too many good journalists leaving us these days.


I know, it's so sudden and just sad. I knew the man had a long career, but I had no idea just how long and impressive it really was.

I'm at work today and it's just kind of surreal. Very strange vibe around here.

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