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Truth, Lies, and Speeches

There's an extremely interesting article here about Iraq, WMD, Bush, Wilson, the CIA, Plame, who knew and said what when, and who's stories have changed. Let's just say it isn't something the MSM has been covering.

link from Cox & Forkum


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I don't care if Bush lied or not. Whether or not he thought he was lying is beside my point.

I'm fairly sure he didn't tell the whole truth. Almost everything I thought we went to war for turned out to be untrue. WMD's / Al-Qaeda / Wants to Kill Us. I've heard a lot on C-SPAN (yes...I watch it) that intelligence agencies didn't agree with the administration about what Iraq did or didn't have/do.

What irks the crap outta me is that I've never heard an apology for being wrong. It's just never discussed anymore. Now all you hear is that we need to win the War on Terrorism, Stay the Course, all the BS. It should be, "We screwed up, if you still want us we'll stick around until this is cleaned up."

The "War on Terrorism" bit looks like more of an attempt to rewrite history than anything the Democrats are doing now. Sure, there's terrorism there now that we've created an unstable country. But, saying this makes it seem planned. As if we took over a country just to draw all the terrorists to us so we could fight them on foreign soil and not mess up the USA. If that had been the rationale for going to war, war wouldn't have happened.

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