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A Thought

Seeing the whole (well part of) the gigantic Harding clan tonight made me think.

I have no idea if other family members would be at all interested in this, but I thought I'd put it out there...

I was thinking about the possibility of a family website. Could be something like an announcements/happenings/photo album/whatever we want kind of thing. It would be quite easy for me to set something up that we could all access (password protected or not, whichever) and read, comment, post pictures, contribute, whatever. I could even do subdomains for anyone (or a branch of the family?) that wants one.

Anyway, just something I started thinking about tonight and figured I'd put it out there. Y'all let me know what you think ok? Even if it's something you think you'd maybe visit even if you didn't contribute anything yourself. Mostly I'm just wondering if anyone would be at all interested. I'd be more than willing to do all the grunt work for it so it'd be easy for anyone else that wanted to participate.


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