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Merry Christmas!

Yes, I realize it isn't actually (ding!) Christmas yet. However, we're doing the big family Christmas thing today since I'm leaving on Wednesday and won't be here for the real day. We'll be doing the little family Christmas thing tomorrow.

I'm a little annoyed that none of the presents I had ordered and sent here have shown up as of yet. Very irritating that! Oh well, I'm here and I'm enjoying seeing everybody and that's the important thing.

And! Miss Syn graduated yesterday! Very cool! There was massive partying until all hours with their family friends and people from work. Much fun was had by all. I transfered my pictures off of my camera last night (ok, technically it was this morning) and I took nearly 300 pictures yesterday! Granted, a lot of them weren't very good. But some of them seem to have turned out quite well, and there's a good number more that will be salvagable once I get them into PS.

At any rate... I think today and tomorrow are going to be family days, and Tuesday will be the SunSynergy Productions Geocaching Extravaganza! And then I have to go back to RI on Wednesday. I do miss my criters when I'm here, and I do like my job quite a lot. But it's just so nice to be home! Oh well.


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