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Strange Behavior

The Moblog is acting weird. The last two posts have both done this and it's strange and I don't know what's up. For some reason the last two pictures I've e-mailed to the moblog have posted 29 or 30 times! It's very weird. I go in to check if there's new comments or anything and there's 30 of the same picture/post staring at me! I have no idea why it's doing that. Everything from three posts ago on back is perfectly fine.

It's just such a random thing to go wrong!

In other unfortunate news... my mp3 player has broken. I dropped it earlier today (but I've done that before and it's been fine) and something must have jarred inside it just exactly wrong. 'Cuz now it won't do anything, the hard drive won't spin up, it just sits there staring at me. Argh!! I love that thing! I don't want to have to buy a new one (well, new to me anyway) and I really don't want to sit on planes and in airports all frelling day tomorrow without any tunes! Grrr!


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