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Any Ideas?

I have no idea why, but I've been thinking about a couple TV shows from when I was in middle school & high school. There's one that I remember, but can't come up with the name or anything specific enough about it for google to help me. So here's hoping someone stumbles across this post and knows what I'm talking about!

I'm remembering a short-lived sci-fi series from the early 90's. It would have been on one of the "Big 3" networks and didn't make it a full season as far as I remember. It involved people fighting some sort of bug alien things (no, not Space: Above & Beyond) The pilot layed down on her tummy to fly the ship, one of the characters had all kinds of fake body parts. I remember a scene of his heart sliding out of his chest in this weird little boxish contraption.

Those are the two most specific bits I can remember. Anyone have any ideas? Or know a good place to look for the answer?


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Hope this helps as opposed to confuse.

Was this the one where they ripped off the Alien series? I remember the multiple body part thing from that.


I honestly don't remember if it is or not. I remember we both liked this series (whatever it was!)


Well...I'm tapped out of ideas. Was Sam Raimi in it ? 'Cause he likes to do the bad sci-fi.


Heh, true! And I have no idea. I don't think so, but as mentioned previously, the memory of this show is quite spotty!


Space Rangers

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