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Feline Acceptance

As of last night the kitties seem to have accepted me as a good person that they like. There were a couple scuffles over my lap, sleeping on my tummy, kisses, and hair washing.

When I got up today I let them in my bedroom for a couple minutes to see how they'd react to the fids. Cleo sniffed at Rin and then decided that my bed (and then the windowsill) was more interesting. May stared at Rin, Rin stared at May, May wandered off to stare at Mione when she started dancing. There wasn't any attempt to jump up on cages or get at the fids, just a lot of staring by everyone!

So I'm thinking that when I get home tonight I'm going to try moving the fids back out into the zoo room and seeing how the kitties behave. If that works they can have access to my bedroom and maybe I'll get to snuggle with some kitties when I go to bed!

And yes mother, now I want a cat.


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