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I am now a Catblogger!

There's pictures up in the photoblog and there are frequently kitties on the Zoo Cams!

I'm having fun with them. Kinda makes me wish I could have one (or two) of my own. But the whole birdies thing, plus the mother being highly allergic... makes it infeasable. Oh well, I'll enjoy them while I have them.

Cleo is such a cool laid back old lady, she's 13 and seems to pick a spot and then curl up and snooze. With occasional breaks to come ask for skritches of course! She let me pick her up and then stayed in my lap for quite a while, so that was good.

May is a skittish little thing, she's 2 or 3 (I don't remember what their daddy said) and is slowly warming up to me. New people seem to make her nervous, but seeing as the last new person she met was mean and nasty I don't blame her! She's getting there though, I think she just needs to figure out that I'm nice and then she'll be ok. She's loving sitting on my big windowsill and watching everything out it. She and Benjamin have sniffed noses through his house, that was adorable. I didn't get my camera quickly enough though and missed it.

I'm having fun!


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awwww!!! They're too cute!! Kitties are awesome. So long as they're not biting your feet at 3 a.m. ;) Glad you're having fun!!

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