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Silly Bunny

So I'm staying up way too late 'cuz I don't have to work tomorrow. I was sitting on my couch working on my scarf and I heard something fall somewhere in the zoo. I looked over and Benjamin was sitting right on the edge of the second story staring over the edge. He had this combination of "what happened/where did it go" on his face. He had managed to drop or push one of the wood toys over the edge of that level of the bunny house. It thunked when it hit the next level down and that's what I heard. He just looked so incredibly perplexed and curious, and downright adorable too of course!

And I think I've decided on a name for the new bun. Dahlia. It's a cool flower and it just seems to work. I was browsing through a list of flowers and that one jumped out at me.


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