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Thoughts Please

I'm finding myself not horribly attached to the name "Magic" for the new bun... not sure why, it just isn't quite right.

So I'm doing my wandering around baby name websites trying to find something I like.

So far I've found "Ciara" which is Irish. Not much else is jumping out at me just yet.

Any ideas out there?


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Barney Pop:

Licorice or jelly belly (from a licorice jelly bean) or Gal Noir


I like Ciara...it's close to Kieran! :) (which does actually mean dark) And no, the stones didn't always suck that bad. Yeesh, that was pretty awful!


Hmmm... I kinda like Jelly... I'll have to think on it. But is that too "normal" of a pet name for me? What with my pets tending to have strange and unique names.

We were all expecting Mick to collapse halfway through that performance last night. He sounded so horrid!


How about "Ebony"? Love you!

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