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Audio Wonderfulness

Well, it took me a while, but I'm finally getting into this whole podcasting thing.

I've been listening to the Israellycool one for a couple weeks. Been learning all kinds of interesting things about Israel and Israeli politics and Judaism. Quite fascinating stuff!

A few days ago I figured out how to download mp3's from NPR's Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me program. I used to listen to it on Saturday's back home quite frequently. But I haven't had a lot of luck finding a public radio station out here. I had to subscribe to the feed through Yahoo, and it's a little round-a-bout, but I can download it! And listen when I want to!

And tonight I've had two more successes. There was another radio show I listened to sometimes that was only on WPR and I have no chance of finding it on the radio out here. They do make their shows available, but only in RM format. Very irritating. But I found a great webpage that had a list of what to do to convert the silly things. So as I type this I'm converting an episode of To the Best of Our Knowledge!

And this last one I'm really excited about... Michael Card's radio program is now available as a podcast! WOOT!! You have to subscribe to the RSS feed for the podcast, and then the link to the mp3 is in the feed. I'm insanely excited about that one!


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Glad you found Michael's radio show! I'll have to search for it myself!


I *heart* technology!!! Podcasts are the best...I've got a few I've been meaning to grab that are set for runners to help you maintain pace better...how cool is that? :D

:::::waiting for the moving truck:::::



Well, the whole comment showed up in the system, so I'll go edit it so it shows up!

(all fixed!)

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