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Well, here's my dinner! It's the wonderful BBQ Chicken Nachos from Bugaboo Creek. It's supposedly an appetizer, but I can never finish it and it ends up being two meals.

So why should you care? Well, that was part of my EATAPETA day! The other half was the sandwich I had for lunch. It had honey cured ham and hard salami on it (no idea what animal is in the hard salami, but I'm sure there's something in there!)

Which leads us to... What is EATAPETA? There's tons more information about it at both Lair's and Meryl's sites. The short answer is that PETA is crazy so once a year is International Eat an Animal for PETA Day! Of course you're allowed to eat animals on other days of the year, but on March 15th it gets documented.

The longer answer is that PETA's tactics are so incredibly offensive and we could get upset and yell and scream at them. But they'd probably just yell and scream back. This is more fun and it probably pisses them off more. They also are big time hypocrites. They kill huge amounts of animals that are surrendered to them by people thinking they're doing the right thing when they can no longer care for their pets. They kill adoptable creatures! Companion animals that could easily be placed in loving homes. If they had their way no one would be allowed to own an animal. They're even against seeing-eye dogs! And to top it all off, they support both ELF and ALF which are a terrorist organizations.

So go ahead, eat an animal for PETA!


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LOL!! I think there was chicken on my South Beach Pizza, does that count?? :D So I think I helped. Wankers.

It's SNOWING again! Gah!!! So much for loading Megen's bed today. Ah well. ;)


That sure looks good - makes me want to come and go out to eat! Definitely snowing again! Safe journey to Syn!

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